Varieties of white cabbage


White cabbage is not difficult to grow, but not always the selected variety meets the expectations. The following describes the best types of cabbage, depending on the method of use, ripening and storage. Varieties of white cabbage are described from different angles: features, basic characteristics, so you can determine the best look in each individual case.

What varieties are most in demand?

Popular varieties are high-yield varieties that have excellent taste and long shelf life.

The most popular varieties of white cabbage

  • "Megaton F1" - the most fertile hybrid comes from Holland. Refers to the early - ripens in 105 days from the appearance of shoots. The heads are round, weighing 15 kg, very tasty, universal application. Does not spoil from long transportations, it is steady at cultivation to keel and root rot.
  • "June" - variety of early white cabbage, for full maturation it takes 2 months. Can be grown twice a year (re-planted in the summer). The head has a light green color, dense, weighing 2.5 kg. It is planted rather thickly, the side leaves do not interfere with each other. It can withstand spring, short-term frosts. The disadvantage is that the cabbages crack or bloom if you do not harvest for a long time.
  • "Dumas F1" - high-yielding early hybrid (90 days), grows even in thickened rows. The head is saturated, light green in color, the lower leaves are sandy-colored. The leaves are tasty, very tender, crispy. Weight - 1.4-1.5 kg, does not crack, even when overriding.
  • "F1 Aggressor" - late look, with excellent qualities. High-yield regardless of the place of cultivation. Stored six months. Heading out 4.5 kg on average, round, very dense. Grows without special care from the gardener. Application is universal. Resistant to some diseases.
  • "Rinda F1" - an early hybrid, lies no more than 4 months, without losing the external and taste qualities. The heads are not very dense, but rather tight. The leaves are tender, juicy, without the bitterness of a rich, light green color. It grows on any land, but the quality and timing of the harvest depends on fertility. Can be re-grown summer sowing.

Varieties of cabbage for ripening

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Varieties of white cabbage are divided into three subgroups depending on the ripening period. Each group has certain qualities, not just harvest time.

Varieties of white cabbage

  • Early cabbage is most often used for making salads. When fresh, it is incredibly tasty and healthy. The distinctive features of such species include a relatively small head of cabbage, the ability to grow in crowded conditions on poor soils. The ripening period lasts no more than 110 days after the appearance of sprouts. These should include: "Tobia F1", "Malachite", "Taurus F1", "Hermes F1", "Dawn F1".
  • Mid-season heads should be used for fresh consumption or for fermentation. However, when leavening a vegetable, it does not last long its useful qualities and taste - 3-4 months. The growing season of mid-ripening varieties is 130 days on average. The most popular representatives of the group are: "Hope", "Adema F1", "Taras F1", "Belarusian 455".
  • Late varieties of cabbage have a long growing season. Some need for full ripening 180 days or more, so they are harvested even in late autumn, after the onset of cold weather. Used for salting, pickling, stored throughout the winter. From the category especially stand out: "Moscow Late", "Brigadier F1", "Krümon F1", "Adapter F1", "Tyukriz".

What varieties are used for pickling and pickling?

Most often for salting and pickling use white cabbage of late varieties. Less commonly used is mid-season; in the early species, the leaves are too tender, they literally fall apart and quickly lose their taste after processing.

Varieties of cabbage for pickling and pickling

  • "Glory 1305" - Midseason view, ripens in 4 months. It is widely used for pickling, salting, heat treatment. The head is rounded, flattened, weighs up to 5 kg. Upper leaflets are green, lower ones are white. Transportable, can be stored for a long time. Disadvantage: badly tolerates heat, cold, drought during growth and development.
  • Atria F1 - late-ripening variety, used no earlier than 145 days after the emergence of sprouts. Dark green leaves are covered with a waxy coating. The stump inside is very small, the head weight is 3.5 kg. Fresh is not used for another 1-2 months after harvest, but even cooks recommend it for pickling. Not falling apart during storage and growth, not afraid of some diseases.
  • "Present" ripens in 125-135 days. After souring, it gets a pleasant, spicy taste. The leaves are tender, juicy, with a faint sweet taste. The cabbage has bright green leaves covered with a waxy bloom, the weight of the head is 4 kg, the shape is flat. Transportable, stored for a long time. Resistant to cracking and some diseases.
  • "Krautman F1" - mid-season hybrid. The head weighs 4.5 kg, the stalk inside is very small, the upper leaves are green, the inner ones are lighter, denser, and crispy. During cultivation does not crack. Stored after collection for up to 4 months.

These include: Dobrovolskaya, Table F1, Midor F1, Merchant, Snow White.

What kinds of cabbage are stored the longest?

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As a rule, late varieties of white cabbage are stored the longest. They are collected closer to winter, put in boxes and stored for a certain time. Some species may lie until mid-spring, others deteriorate in mid-January. Below are the most resistant to storage hybrids and varieties.

Varieties of white cabbage long-term storage

  • "Mara" - the Belarusian species ripens in 155-167 days from shoots. Heads of a round form, weighing 4 kg, are resistant to cracking, root rot, dense. Can be stored until April in the cellar. Application is universal.
  • "Amager 611" - stored for 6 months. The variety is resistant to spring and autumn cold, but does not tolerate drought. Ripens in 160 days. Green leaves, wax coating is available. Yielding, ripening occurs together. Suitable for long transportation.
  • "Snow White" can lie up to 7 months, without losing taste, color, not rotting. Ripens in 160 days, resistant to long-term transportation. Recommended for pickling, cooking baby food. The heads are blue-green, the leaves are dense, covered with a waxy bloom, weight 4 kg or slightly less.
  • "Geneva" - excellent late ripening variety. Ripens in 140-150 days, stored until the next harvest! Transportable, resistant to cracking, grows well even with minimal care.

    Cabbage all year round

Up to 6 months, hybrids can also be stored: "Donor F1", "Valentine F1", "Krümon F1" and "Kolobok F1".