Cucumber Masha F1 and its characteristics


Cucumber Masha F1 - early self-pollinating variety. Recommended for cultivation in greenhouses, but often planted in open ground. It is very popular among gardeners, as it gives a quick, friendly harvest in a short time. The cucumbers of the variety are very beautiful, even and have good commercial qualities. You can read more about the Masha F1 variety in the article below.

Specifications and description of cucumber varieties Masha F1

Cucumbers Masha F1 - Dutch variety. Ripening is amicable, so cucumbers of this variety are often used for preservation. The first fruits ripen in 40-42 days after planting in a permanent place. Does not need pollination.

The plant is powerful, but open. The stem is of medium thickness, light green, dense. The leaves are quite large, dark green, not very densely cover the plant. Fruiting bouquets type. Flowers bright yellow color, medium size.

When cut, it is clear that the seeds are small.

Fruits are saturated green, darker towards the stem and lighter towards the tip. The tubercle is weak, the spines on dark-colored cucumbers. The length of the fruit is 8-10 cm.

Young cucumbers have dense flesh and excellent taste, do not taste bitter, even with poor care. The taste is a little sweet, especially if you pick up the cucumbers in time and do not let them sleep. When cut, it is clear that the seeds are small, which only has a more positive effect on taste. However, it is time to harvest. Cucumbers Masha F1 more than 10 cm in length, can lose taste, flavor, and their skin becomes coarser - in this case, it is cleaned before eating a vegetable.

How to plant in a greenhouse and open ground?

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Cucumber Masha F1 is grown in film, glass greenhouses, as well as in open ground. Depending on the place and method of planting may vary the density of crops or planting seedlings.

Important! The seedling for cucumber varieties Masha F1 is not mandatory, but is preferable if the crop is grown in middle and northern regions with an unstable or cool climate.

In greenhouses, cucumbers are usually grown on a trellis for convenience, and they are not planted heavily so that there is no strong thickening and so that the light can illuminate all the leaves and fruits. There are 2-3 plants per square meter.

Seedlings for cucumber varieties Masha F1 is optional, but preferred

Horizontal method of cultivation is usually used in open ground, as it takes a lot of space. At the same time, the sun illuminates well the area with Masha F1 cucumbers, so you can plant them more densely - 4-5 plants per square meter.

Sowing or planting seedlings in a simple, unheated land is held in late May. If a special greenhouse with a warm, heated ground is equipped for cucumbers, then it is possible to sow seeds or replant seedlings already from April.

Sow seeds or plant seedlings in fertilized soil (minerals or organic can be used). Separate wells are made at a distance of 20-30 cm from each other, seeds or seedlings are planted in them. The distance between the rows depends on the landing method. It can be 50-100 cm - the main thing is that the light, after the culture grows, can penetrate to each plant. Depth seeding - 1.5-2 cm, seedlings are planted carefully so as not to damage the roots.

Cucumbers Masha F1 according to the reviews of gardeners is the best variety for open ground, although they require more care.

What are the peculiarities of cucumber care Masha F1?

Cucumber varieties Masha F1 are grown without problems on small and large farms, small household plots. The variety can be called classic - simple, popular, fruitful, it can be cultivated with manual labor and with the involvement of special agricultural techniques.

Watering is done every 2-3 days.

  • Top dressing and watering should be carried out only in the evening. Sometimes it is possible in the morning, but do not forget that in the summer the sun rises early, and as early as 10 in the morning it can be very hot!
  • Watering is carried out every 2-3 days. To do this, use heated in the sun and separated water with a temperature of at least +20 degrees.
  • About once every 10 days it is necessary to feed cucumbers with urea or manure. 10 liters of water is taken liter of concentrated slurry or 10 g of urea. Watering spends right in the hole. You must ensure that the liquid does not fall on the cucumbers!
  • Top dressing is necessary if the soil is poor. As a rule, it is always clear from the leaves and shoots of Mash F1 variety cucumbers, what they lack. So you should be attentive to this issue and large harvests will not take long to wait. If there is enough nutrition, 6-7 fruits form on each node.

Important! When using cold or ice water for plants at any time of the day, Masha F1 can cause a cucumber - a shock that often leads to decay and fading.

  • When growing on a trellis, you need to start tying cucumbers in time, otherwise they will travel along the ground and not curl upwards.

    From time to time it is worth picking up weeds.

  • There is resistance to the mosaic virus, powdery mildew, cladosporiozu. But from other diseases it is worth spraying the plant in early spring. Also, prevention of aphids and other most common pests will not interfere. It is worth noting that while there are no diseases and insects, it is preferable to use traditional methods as a preventive measure, and it is recommended to use chemicals and biological preparations if a real problem appears.
  • From time to time it is worth clearing the weeds which got out through a mulch and to loosen the earth. Loosening the soil in the presence of mulch is carried out only during the period of its replacement.
  • The land under the cucumber variety Masha F1 should be mulched. Any available mulch is used. Change mulch about 3 times per season. The first one is laid after the shoots appeared (or the seedlings started), then they change it in the middle of summer and closer to autumn.


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Due to the fact that the plant does not grow densely, the collection of fruits does not cause any inconvenience. The fruits can be seen and they are easily removed in one precise movement. You can use a knife, but they break off well and manually.

Due to the fact that the plant does not grow densely, the collection of fruits does not cause any inconvenience.

It is recommended to immediately start harvesting the crop, but in principle, Masha F1 cucumbers are stored well in the refrigerator for several weeks.

Masha F1 cucumbers are used for fresh consumption, salads, snacks, salting and canning for the winter. They are well stored, do not lose their taste in the bank, they become even more crispy and fragrant. However, for canning it is worth using cucumbers up to 10 cm, since the large ones have a very coarse rind and poor taste characteristics.

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