Grape Fungicides


Grapes - capricious culture. It is often affected by various diseases, so you need to timely treat it with fungicides. Below in the article will be described the most famous and common fungicides for grapes. They differ in composition, sometimes in the method of application, but they are united by one important quality - efficiency.

What are fungicides for grapes?

Tiovit Jet, Fundazol and Kuprozan photo

Fungicides for grapes are drugs that destroy diseases and prevent their further spread. Used for the treatment of planting material and already mature vineyards.

There are therapeutic and protective fungicides. The first are needed when the disease has been identified and it is necessary to cure it. And the latter are prophylactic. In addition, there are contact, systemic and complex fungicides.

  • Contact are only on the surface of the plant - do not penetrate into its tissue. They are effective at the initial stage of the disease or as a prophylactic drug and are used several times per season. Among the popular tools should be called: "Fundazol", "Tiovit Jet", "Kuprozan". About the two-component contact drug "Shavit" widely known on the market, can be read below.
Important! Systemic fungicides for grapes are not washed away by precipitation or watering. Due to the fact that they penetrate into the cells of the plant, it can become dangerous to use, so you need to use them very carefully, according to the instructions and in a certain period of grape growing season. Then, before the crop is fully ripe, the tool will have time to decompose.
  • Systemic substances penetrate the plant tissue and destroy the disease from the inside. These should include: "Mankatseb", "Falcon", "Folpan", "Skor" and some other drugs, which will be discussed below. The main advantage of such a fungicide - speed. The effect is usually noticeable after a few hours. Although the disease is completely destroyed in a day or more.
  • Complex fungicides are the means of a new generation. They are usually used when the spraying period of systemic or contact substances has been missed, and the disease begins to manifest itself. These include: "Acrobat", "Paracelsus", "Polyhom". In the following, the well-known complex drug "Cabrio Top" will also be described.

Cabrio Top for grapes

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Complex fungicide used to combat mildew, oidium, various types of spots, anthracnose. It is considered, among other things, a quality biological insecticide, and not just a fungicide, therefore it fights against some pests. The principle of action - to create on the surface of the plant a supply of the drug, which gradually and acts. This drug is not washed off by precipitation or irrigation.

Important! It is the drug Cabrio Top is recommended in cases of mass infection with oidium or mildew of vineyards.

Used no more than 2 times per season, as it has a long effect. Due to this, the degree of action of toxins on grapes is reduced, and therefore this fungicide is not dangerous for ripe clusters (it manages to erode).

Fungicide Strobe


German systemic fungicide for grapes. Mainly destroys pathogens mildew and oidium. During the season it is used no more than 2 times (before flowering and after harvesting) so that the grapes do not become infected with these diseases. To prepare the working fluid, you need to take only 2 g of the drug per 7 liters of water.

Effective for the prevention or treatment at different stages of the disease vineyard. For the environment, this product is not toxic, so it can be used in any weather. It quickly penetrates and acts on the plant.

Two-component fungicides Shavit

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Contact fungicide recommended for mycoses of different types: mildew, black spot, oidium. Its main feature is that the long-acting substance - after treatment, the vineyard is protected from these diseases for several months. Suitable for the prevention, treatment and eradication of pathogenic microflora.

Important! Many gardeners combine contact and systemic fungicides for grapes. This is an extreme measure and in this case the effect is enhanced. But it is necessary to apply such combined preparations extremely carefully, so as not to harm the crop or the vineyard itself.

It is not a toxic substance. It is not dangerous to humans, the environment or plants, including the grapes to be processed. The solution is prepared from 0.2 g of the drug and a bucket of water. Use it immediately after preparation. During the season, enough 2 preventive treatments vineyard. But if a fungus appeared on the plant, it needs three-fold treatment at intervals of 2 weeks.

Fungicide Kvadris

Kvadris photo

Systemic fungicide for grapes of the new generation. It is used to prevent or treat diseases. It has a wide range of actions. It can be used not only for grapes, but also for vegetable and fruit crops.

It is desirable to spray this preparation in the morning or in the evening at the air temperature within + 5 ... + 30 degrees. To prevent the preparation from getting to the neighboring crops, the vineyard is processed when there is no strong wind.

The drug is considered effective against various fungal diseases. It is safe for humans, plants and the environment.

Drug Topaz

Drug Topaz

Topaz is a systemic action fungicide. Provides protection to the vineyard from mildew, rust and oidium. Of course, the most pronounced and strong effect is observed in the early stages of infection. In the later it may be necessary to re-treatment after 2 weeks. For the treatment of the vineyard in a bucket of water is taken 2 ml of the drug.

The main advantages of this substance include:

  • profitability (for processing you need a little liquid);
  • duration of action;
  • efficiency;
  • quick action in the early stages of the disease;
  • possibility of use in complex treatments.

Fungicide Chorus for grapes

Horus, grape processing photo

The systemic drug Horus neutralizes virtually any type of infection by protecting the vineyard. It helps with scab, asteroid, gray, fruit rot, monilial burn, white and brown spots, oidium, leaf curliness, alternariosis and mildew. Used for spraying grapes no more than 3 times for the entire season. The first - during the budding, the second - at the time of combining the berries into clusters and the third - during the coloring of the berries in their typical color.

It can be used in the spring immediately after the completion of frosts. It is practically non-toxic, but at temperatures above +25 degrees its effectiveness decreases. The working composition is made from 2 g of substance dissolved in 10 liters of water. Spraying is carried out immediately after dilution. Within 2-3 hours, the drug is absorbed into the plant, while watering and rains do not wash off this tool.